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In the Boxing Ring

Coaching Services


Fill out the contact form so that we can schedule your free 20 minute consultation call. On that call, we will discuss what you are working towards, what you are currently doing, and what you are looking for from coaching! 


During the consultation call, we will choose the option that will be most beneficial for you:

Open Book Solo Session

In one, 60-minute video call, or two, 30-minute calls a week apart, you will come prepared with all questions about your next steps in developing your professional fighting career. I will answer all questions to the best of my ability, drawing on my 15 years of training, competing, and coaching.

Jump Start The Long Haul

We commit to a period of at least three months where we meet virtually once per week to discuss and structure your training, daily habits, schedule, goals, successes, and areas to improve for the next week. I will also make myself as accessible as possible at any time via text or voice message should you have any questions or decisions to discuss.

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